Japanese course

Japanese Language Course にほんごのべんきょう。日本語レッスンコースのご案内。

Japanese Language Course


We offer the most suitable lesson depending on your level and goal.


Lesson Type


  • Group Lesson of 2-4 students  (60min. or 90min.)

– Fixed schedule

– Class will be conducted with minimum of 2 students at a similar level.

– Discussions and role-plays are included in the lesson.

– You can enjoy and continue learning for a long term as the existence of classmates is encouraging for you.

Economical lesson fee of JPY12,000 for 60min. x 4 times


Recommended for:

  • people who like to exchange opinions actively
  • people who can come to school regularly and for a long term (fixed schedule)


  • Private Lesson (60min.)

– Fixed or flexible schedule

– Standard lesson date and time (during business hours of the school) will be fixed first and the final schedule will be determined after the arrangement with a teacher.

– We receive your enrollment anytime.

– The desired date and time can be booked in advance (as a first step, please contact us for the arrangement of the schedule).

– Customized lesson according to your level and needs


In addition to teaching of grammar, reading, writing and speaking, we will meet any kind of request such as “to translate lyrics”, “to master how to write letters”, etc.


Recommended for:

  • people who wish to learn at their own paces
  • people who cannot take fixed-schedule lessons
  • people with special needs


We also offer business classes, senior classes and group classes for primary school, junior high & high school students.


The price information is here:



For details, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.